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The Learn Lab expands educational opportunities for refugees and the forcibly displaced through new approaches to learning.

The Learn Lab is a collaboration between UNHCR Innovation and UNHCR’s Division of International Protection.

Education is a key driver of sustainable development, and a core component of UNHCR’s mandate to protect 59.5 million uprooted people worldwide. The agency’s education strategy highlights the importance of learning outcomes and making lifelong learning accessible for all, from early childhood education to primary, secondary, higher and adult education.

The Learn Lab is a virtual space for innovation that helps UNHCR transform young people’s lives through educational opportunities that enhance interpersonal skills and foster a strong knowledge base, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.

The aim of the Lab is to ensure that every refugee and forcibly displaced person has access to relevant and high-quality learning opportunities that will enable them to serve as agents of change for their communities.

Young refugees continue their education despite living in camps.

The Learn Lab’s strength lies in its collaboration with the Education Unit within UNHCR’s Division of International Protection, and the partnerships it builds with external leaders in innovation and education to help orient and validate programs.

The Lab contributes to UNHCR’s education strategy in a variety of ways. Its current focus is on increasing the capacity of education actors and enhancing access, quality and relevance of education at the primary level and beyond.

Watch this space to see the Lab evolve!


  • Tim Danes (Divers1fy)

    Having worked in the NGO sector, I understand some of the complexities around the problem that needs solving here. I would love to learn more, get involved somehow, or just hear how the project evolves.

  • Lim Hwee Choo

    I’m an educator teaching mainly physics, chemistry and mathematics based in Singapore. I am also proficient in teaching classes online. Is there any possibility in helping with your cause to provide needy children with the education that they need if it is within my means?

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